Empowering Voices:

Building Democratic Futures Together

We aim to champion peace, nurture democracy, and uphold human rights, intertwining these fundamental principles as the cornerstone of our work. By giving voice to the silent, strength to the vulnerable, and dignity to all, we foster a world where peace prevails through the democratic involvement of every individual.

In today's global landscape, the battle against extremism, totalitarian regimes, and other forms of oppressive governance is more critical than ever. These forces not only threaten the very fabric of our societies by undermining human rights and stifling freedoms but also extend their impact beyond borders—manifesting as oppression within and aggression worldwide. The urgency to confront these systems cannot be overstated. This is a fundamental struggle for the future of human dignity and liberty, particularly in nations like Iran. Here, the regime's tactics of internal oppression and external aggression illustrate the dual threats posed by authoritarian governance, continually challenging the people's aspirations for democracy and justice.

At House of Liberty, our commitment goes beyond mere advocacy. We are on the front lines, actively working to counteract the influences of extremism and totalitarianism. We understand that the defense of human rights and the promotion of democratic values in Iran and elsewhere are intertwined in the global mission to cultivate peace, justice, and equality. Our efforts are dedicated to empowering communities, influencing policy reforms, and mobilizing global support to ensure that the voices calling for change are heard, supported, and amplified.

Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, we aim to create a world where every individual, irrespective of their nationality or background, can live free from the fear of oppressive regimes. Our focus on Iran exemplifies this mission, as we stand in solidarity with those who seek to overturn the chains of repression and open the doors to a future where freedom and human rights are not just protected but celebrated.

Our projects

Parliamentary Network

Uniting leaders for change

Uniting Parliamentarians across the world to support Democracy building initiatives and Human Rights: A Catalyst for Worldwide Policy Change.

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Compliance Initiative

Accelerating change

International Framework Compliance Initiative: Advancing Global Cooperation for sanctions Enforcement.

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Corporate Social Responsability

Elevating ethics, amplifying impact

Enhancing corporate awareness of social responsibilities by underscoring the need to identify and understand economic links to groups known for global terrorism and activities that disrupt peace.

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Our projects flourish through teamwork. Tackling complex issues like extremism and oppression demands a collective approach. No matter your expertise – policy, digital creation, law, finance, or strategy – your unique skills can create significant impact